Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

No stairclimbing tonight

No stairclimbing for me tonight - I think I hurt something last night.

Actually I think I hurt my ass.

Stop Laughing!

I knew my legs were sore when I woke up in the morning - the opening of the 7th floor of the tower really wore me out last night - and they were still sore throughout work.

I figured I'd warm up with a quick walk around the lake before heading back to the tower to give my legs more reasons to hate me. About halfway around the lake, I felt something odd...

Short, sharp, spikes of pain, deep in the muscle near the bone as I walked. Something lurking deep in the depths of my ass was not pleased and was expressing it's displeasure in a way that communicated clearly the statement "Unless you are in grave danger of being eaten by something, I am not going to be doing anything tonight. If you persist in making me do things, I might just have to fall off, and seek out a new life on my own".

So, no big workout for me tonight - I guess I'll see if it feels any better tomorrow.
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