Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

Ok - it's been a while since I played with lisp, so I figured I'd install a lisp enviroment on the server to play with.
cmucl looked interesting - it claims to be very fast (compiles to native X86 code) , but does mention as an aside that it is slightly more memory hungry than some other list enviroments.

I fired it up, and the whole system crawled to a halt.

13227 hungerf3        64   0  1009M   154M RUN      0:11 54.73% 34.62% lisp

That damn thing allocated over a gig on startup, and was apparently trying to map the whole gig into memory. The in core memory was rising like crazy, and it was thrashing through swap like mad.

I never even let it get far enough to bring up a prompt!
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