Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

fun with searches.

I found another way to waste time.

here is the web interface to search the list of all corporations in Michigan. I've been finding some interesting things:

  • Valu Trading where I made some money patching up their netware network from time to time went under in June of 2001

  • AGN - an (evil?) ISP I used to use was disolved by the state in 1999 after they stopped recieving paperwork from them after 1996.

And then we come to Quantum...
A search shows that at some point, they changed their name to QCI engineering, and that the last time the state recieved an update from them was in 2001. It also lists the address as their downstairs office, which I'm pretty sure they vacated, and moved back to just suite 290.

The last time I was in the building, I thought I saw the name "Quantech Global" on the door of suite 290, even though the logo was the same. Let's see what turns up.

Interesting - so the founder of Quantum formed a new company on Febuary 13, 2002. I wonder what happened to the old one...
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