Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

Well, Let's see what I did today:

  • I passed HP test HP0-002.

    • I still need to fax in the report
    • When I do, I'll have finally gotten around to picking up my HPUX certification.
    • I passed the test on the first try

  • I went to the apple store in Somerset.

    • I probably spent too much money.
    • I picked up

      • An Isight camera.
      • A firewire switch
      • various cables, etc...

The firewire switch is because I want to try out some experiments involving video over firewire, for which I need the same input signal coming in over both ports on my desktop. I also need more ports, and am tired of reaching back behind my desktop to swap connectors around. Apparently you can stream multiple bit rates of video from the same machine, but you need to have a separate input feed for each encoder. The switch should take care of that nicely. Plus it looks cool.

The Isight was an impulse, and since I can't use my old QuickCam on my new desktop, I needed some sort of portable camera besides my camcorder. It was also far cheaper than my old QuickCam Pro was when I bought it in 1997 or so. Plus it looks cool.
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