Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,


So, I've been playing with freenet a bit this weekend.

The ideas behind it sound cool (completely anonymous provision and viewing of content - there's no way to know who put up a site, and no way to know who accessed it) and people have built all sorts of things on top of it, such as IM systems, bulletin boards, and many other things.

Unfortunately, the implementation appears to suck. For as long as I've had it up, the daemon has been sucking down 192 megs of ram, 50-60 percent of my CPU, and has been keeping my network connection saturated with constant connections to about 508 different machines all over the world.

And all I've gotten out of it is the slow delivery of some half-assed political rants by people who are two afraid to attach their name to what they are writing.

Plus, every link I've tried has only worked about 25% of the time.

I'll let it run while I sleep and see if it is behaving better when I wake up. I've heard people claim that after you set up the daemon, you have to let it run for 2-3 days to allow it to "map the network, and become associated with other nodes" before it works well.

We'll see what happens in the afternoon...
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