Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

a package.

In the mail today, I received a package from the UK.

The contents might require a little explanation.

The story begins 10 years ago, when I was a senior in High School. One of my classmates, and a member of my scout troop was David Hahn. He did something rather pointless and dangerous, although it did require large amounts of cunning, skill, and tenacity to accomplish it. The ultimate end result, was that he guaranteed himself a place in the annals of urban legend and myth for all time.

The story popped up online a few times - sometimes more accurate than others, and when I saw it pop up, I tried to correct any obvious flaws, and tell an accurate version from my point of view

Early this year, I got the fourth non-spam email I have ever gotten via the email address I use on slashdot. It was from a producer at Eagle and Eagle who was doing a documentary on Dave. She had seen one of my posts on slashdot, and wondered if I could give them some more information.

I gave them a couple of interviews (one on camera) when they came to Michigan to film in early May, and they've sent me a copy of the final product.

I haven't had time to watch it yet, I suspect it will be really odd to watch the story of things that happened while I was there.

I know it will be even more odd if I'm channel surfing, years in the future, and see my face for an instant on TLC or the History channel as I flip by.
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