Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

odd games

I've found three more odd games for Windows that may be of interest to some people.

The first one is the most unusual. InThe Sentry You are trying to escape from an area protected by a series of sentry robots. These robots seek and drain energy from anything they can see, and disperse it into the landscape. You are a robot as well, and can move by absorbing energy from things, and using it to create a replica of yourself. You must drain the highest sentry, and teleport from where it stood to escape.

You can download the game from here.

Next, is rRootage - a game that is like Warning Forever, but has been giving the EMACS treatment.

You might be able to understand what I mean by the EMACS treatment from the following facts:

  • The author created an XML based markup language for describing how bullets move in shooter games ( bullet-ML)
  • The author created a series of tools for working with bullet-ML files (for example, bulletsmorph which allows the use of genetic programming techniques to crossbreed different shot patterns).
  • The game lists which random number generator it uses.
  • The game also incluses play modes from just about every major shooter that ever out.

IMHO, Warning Forever is more fun to play, but Rrootage is worth downloading and playing with.

The third game appears to be a demo of a new upcoming japanese shooter. Thunder Ares is a rather large download, but has quite impressive graphics.
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