Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,


Here's a dream I just had:

It's not depressing, wasn't a movie, and no one got killed.

It is rather long, so I'm putting it behind a cut.

I was traveling.

I'm not sure where I was going, but it combined aspects of all of the places I have been in my life.

(I remember recognizing mountains, oceanfront, skyscrapers, cliffs, beaches, bits of the houses of relatives and friends, former workplaces, bits of London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Banff, bits of Florida, bits of the Southwest, and other places all mixed together)

I'm not sure who I was traveling with - they weren't people I knew, but I recognized aspects of people I know and care about, people I lost track of, drifted away from, and everyone I knew. It was as if everyone I had ever met had been mixed and matched.

I was unpacking - we had reached our destination, and were staying somewhere - I recognize aspects of communal cabins from camping trips, hotel rooms I've stayed in, and other things.

I had forgotten to bring most of what I had intended to pack.

I was concerned at first, and tried to work around and make substitutes for individual items, but eventually I decided that it didn't matter, and I should just go ahead with everyone else, and see what happened.

I had a wonderful time.

One more thing about it.

I remember at one point, after I had become separated from the people I was traveling with, while walking along a stone arcade along some ocean shore - the sides open to catch the breeze, I saw an old man sitting on a stone bench by a dried up fountain.

He had a hand-painted sign tacked to a marble column behind him.

The sign just said "Answers" and had a price.

As I looked through my pockets to find money, the price kept increasing with what I found, always staying a couple of cents above what I could find.

I recognized that no matter how much I searched in my pockets, no matter how much I found there, it would not be enough. So I looked down, on the ground in front of me, and found a quarter lying there. The price did not go up as I picked it up, and the man laughed as I gave it to him, saying that I was the first customer he had in a very long time. As a special, he would answer as many questions as I wanted to ask, rather than just one.

I remember I asked many questions, about the past, present, and future. I only remember one of his answers, but I remember that the remainder left me feeling optimistic about the future.

The question and answer I remember:

I had a cheap single use camera hanging on a strap that was always getting in the way - when I was getting ready to leave him, I asked him if there was a better way for me to carry the camera.

He took it from me, and pressed it against my skin, until it passed inside my body.

Inside you he said.
The eyes see, the ears hear, and the mind remembers
If you concern yourself with how the world looks through a lens, you isolate yourself from the world, and never experience it first hand..
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