Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

I spent yesterday hanging out with Steve and Jeremiah - two good friends of mine from college (and former residents of the house of doom) who I haven't seen for a long time.

The occasion was to get fitted for tuxedos for Steve's upcoming wedding this summer. I think it is a little far in advance to get fitted, but Steve likes to plan ahead.

Afterwards, When we went out for food, we stumbled across a Cosi with big signs in the window announcing that it opened tomorrow. As it was full of people, we stopped by to see if it had opened early.

It turned out, that this was the test run, and anyone who came in could get whatever they wanted (within limits) for free.

MMMM - free wood-fired pizza and sandwiches on hearth baked bread!

After that, we all played this strange board game that Steve picked up a while ago. It is supposed to help train you in clawing your way to the top of the Capitalist heap via esoteric stock options, and finding good real estate deals. It was like a version of monopoly designed by accountants, where you have to track all of the finances of the companies you buy and run on countless forms.

I won, by eliminating all debt, and growing slowly while everyone else went far into debt trying to force their huge empires to expand faster and faster.

It was actually fun - losing track of time was easy (especially when there is 5 minutes of paperwork after every turn) and it was after midnight when the game finally ended.
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