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lynx -dump | ./dadadodo -

./dadadodo: reading stdin...

............................ 5648 lines

Maybe i just scares me to admit my shot. 

At but so he would he saw, the little girl.  Moving too much less a
college student: I kill them all a holler: lot worse right now my being
away with him then i'm i is a pillar of distant stars.  Well; done but
still ended up sitting next year.  I think I to me, lol; the most
interesting and friends to way. 

I can't wait show me; where I made a shit that this so damn message
board or to fit in college good reasons you're only sixteen sixteen
Sixteen sixteen josh.  They flew: supporting them since my Chocobo
again, it wasnt too absolutely: Adored, and bleach my eyes, are red
too.  Number way back, to go be the girl no I can she is; and he you
wanted to the Hey (what to be finding time I just recently joined
Guardians of the past and keep replacing those past and tailgate us not
pyshco to yell reject nice for statistic). 

Snow peppermint?  With Your CDs that I think she's either completely
leisurely activities I feel.  I write in the Dragon Slaya: much as I
am a proud of how do that phone from remote locations by my one else
was kinda bitchy or move, down right: on my love you like a
certification I am is so, entirely sick of the Green Hair yeah.  Def
The best UNIVERSE pronounces it seemed as it was right.  But I mean i
totally want to start with that, I like I think of busted him: was
putting ryerson! 

            My love for a few words, days of positive response, from
            netherlands lying, about the Dragon higher ups.  It's
            fucking happening, the talked to find The pnemonia again. 

            She told me.  A shower everyday; for a Pretty even got a
            fun though I'm posting stats; weird such a flaw by I
            understand, i'm getting in time went onto tonight, as level
            the past and afraid to be more.  It for I keep myself I
            hope to change it: was to show now (I would i miss them if
            it's torture such bad the room entire Box of mine but I
            cant notify anyone else in bed with my fault tho I edited
            it out in leather riding his and habits; and Justin were
            actually wasn't trying to be guys with Dan a guy best
            Physical Enhancement and habits). 

            The floor because it's my dorm, life.  It with bed This is
            sold wicked cheaper then it with something; I got kicked
            Out of Oreos in there; with different Gamecube for here is
            getting sucked in my hand only Thing? 

        Layer busy and you are you life, doing only a the line because
        people The things were with mine, and if he there, was; that
        he's in less itchy it: was anything to be naming moving into
        each other a crush, of tattoos. 

        Answering machine messages are horrible lot more.  I
        got about you to take care I pretty much; to
        appologize!  Anthony got in The Dragon Slaya: much

        Bubba, Methuselah, and forth. 

Remnants of way to rent more?  I have a good times, my hair's not gunna
kill and I wouldnt have to go up home and the way to put a good, cuz
morning, Yes i had it with nowhere to what getting big kiss But no I
would be calm and for that: everyone Knows few formers I chose to beat
things to protect You think of relationships and all summer, love. 
Like I want to a few hours before i have to you love and He got all the
next; year. 

Unfortunately.  Tried to the Dragon Slaya; much as bad eh.  You get
fellow from The Dragon Slaya.  Fuck noon already demonstrated he was
going to the covers, cry, get off and endure the Simpsons verbatim;
prazdniikom vas menii stalo trohi nevdobno Feb info klawsterfobia.  I
am a response: from The least I solnyshko svetit v past months I would
have no matter what I know for now instead of the Dragon first class I
did he can speak make it.  But that relevant?  Here that to give
us!  PICS brought to update so eventually they leave. 

Our last year that's about.  It interests him and around actually got
work end hate I rhyme: even more extreme.  Eh the Dragon Slaya. 

I promised incredibly confusing.  Hmm what really high so pretty good,
Dragon Slaya; much food now instead of as for some cool, for ever done;
but I before i absolutely adored, and it to be the can be boring. 
Number way to have thought we both of it, really be a stage. 


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