Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

Today I decided to drive north, across the Golden Gate bridge, and continue along highway 1 for a while.

I drove highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco several years ago (1992) with my brother, but I hadn't yet ventured any farther north.

Wow - that was a fun drive. There must have been a "slide ahead" sign every half mile. A narrow crumbling 2 land road with a cliff on each side (one up, one down) and no guardrail.

At one point it went down to 1 lane, as half of one lane had washed away, and half of the other was covered by rock.

I didn't take any pictures of the spectacular views during most of the drive, as there was no place to pull over. An inch or so beyond the road on either side was either rock or air.

Here's one I took during one of the flatter stretches, where there was a place to pull over:

Costal Highway

Eventually I reached a national seashore (which I'll have to look up the name later) and spent some time wandering around.

This fence crosses the San Andreas fault line. In 1908, it was one piece. You can see how much the land has shifted since then.

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