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While glArrayElement(), glDrawElements(), and glDrawRangeElements() "hop around" your data arrays, glDrawArrays() plows straight through them.

(OpenGL Programming Guide, third edition)

glDrawArrays rocks -

I'm blasting 32K+ lit and smooth shaded polygons through the graphics pipe of an graphite iBook, refreshing 30 times a second, and I'm still under 33% cpu usage.

Plus, I'm running it in a nsOpenGlArea rather than full screen, and using the appkit timers rather than the glu timers as well so I have the extra overhead of Quartz, and I am interrupting the main appkit run loop 30 times a second.

Now, the only question I have, is how much caching the graphics pipe is doing. Right now I'm redisplaying the same model 30 times a second. If it is caching the entire thing (as the vertex and color arrays are left untouched) then I might hit some snags. Time to start playing with the buffers between glDrawArrays calls and see what happens...
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