Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

This weekend

It's been a while since I've updated.

Today I decided to go for a little drive:

Well, more than a little drive.

I got up early, and figured that I'd head on down the coast, to see some places that I hadn't seen since hungerf9 and I drove up the coast from LA to SF in 2002.

I stopped and explored lots of parks on the way (finally using my state park pass which expires next month) but didn't take many pictures until I reached my turnaround point (pictured above).

It was a nice day for a long drive - the coast was cloudy, but rays of light kept breaking through highlighting the occasional cliff face in a burst of color made more intense by the gray muted surroundings.

Traffic was very light, and the parks were almost entirely empty. It was nice to get away from people and be surrounded by big trees for a while.

Yesterday I went to Toronado for the barleywine festival. Alas, many of the more interesting ones (a 13 year old!) had already sold out, but there were still a large number of interesting things to taste.
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