Pathwalker (pathwalker) wrote,

The Fringe has been fun

I've been having a lot of fun at the Fringe so far; I've seen quite a few plays, Drunk quite a bit of Whiskey, Beer, and Irn Bru, and Eaten many tasty things from Piemaker.

Some of the plays I thought were rather good:

Anna the Slut and the (almost) Chosen One
The play is by hungerf9 (my brother), but I hadn't seen it before I came out here. I think it's really good.

Lie of the Land
A very good two person show; a nightmare about moving to an unfamiliar place while the world falls apart.

All Dressed Up To Go Dreaming
A very creepy one man show (if you don't count the faceless victim).

Silence in C Minor
A very fast paced show, based on an internet radio show

Strippers & Gentlemen
Staged in an upper floor of a burned out building; it's amazing. I'm going again tonight.

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